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We're the girls who party hard, train harder and drink more vodka in a night than most people down in a year. Equestrian girls do it better.

transpour asked: Lol I signed the petition. Good way to get someone to do it! :)


I’m so disappointed with my followers they all re logged my joke posts & completely ignored the petition.

Come on horse lovers please get it signed.


I’m so manipulative

Manipulate people to sign my petition then!

Please sign this petition! Please all horse lovers please!

Kit an OTTB was killed 2 days ago over a dispute over £30 with the owner of the barn (The GG Centre) she was kept at.

Mr Harvet Johnson said his plans were to lead the horse to the house of the person who had Kit on lease & leave her tethered in the garden.

Kit apparently “kicked off” and became dangerous & then had to be shot.
How coincidental that there just happened to be a licensed gun man on hand to kill the horse.

Kit was then transported by JCB & her body dumbed in the garden of the lady who was leasing her.

Mr Johnson had clear intentions of killing the horse hence why he had a gun man with him.

THE PETITION IS TO HAVE HIM REMOVED FROM THE GG CENTRE & prevent him owning animals or reopening any livery barns!

The full news article is here.

Anonymous asked: The anon you responded to about Arabians not being hot is not necessarily true. I always thought that all horses acted like Arabians but then I took a lesson at another barn just for fun that had quarter horses and thoroughbreds and a bunch of other breeds and I was surprised at how much calmer they are than any Arab I've ever ridden. I love Arabians but I think they are a lot more difficult to handle than other breeds (that's one of the reasons I love them so much)



I disagree. As someone who has worked on almost every continent with Arabians and have been around them since day 1.. I can hand on my heart say that if handled with patience, same with every horse, they are NO WAY ‘a lot more difficult to handle than other breeds’. 

This is an interesting debate. I’m no Arabian expert but I’ve run into the Arabian reputation.

One of my trainers always used to warn me when I got on one of the barn’s Arabians. She’d say “remember you’re riding an Arabian, it’s a different animal”. With those particular Arabians I was riding there, they just got hotter and hotter as the lesson went on. With the other horses, they’d start feisty but calm down as you rode it out. The Arabians were tough because as I rode I got more tired but they got stronger. Don’t get me wrong they were great horses. Their bottomless energy should be admired. But they were a handful. Ironically they had an Arabian stallion named Notorious who was actually a more peaceful ride than the geldings. Under saddle he was a dream, a calm push button. On the ground the he was a typical stallion.

So really my take would be that it depends on the individual horse, like any breed. But the Arabians definitely have that reputation.

Perhaps because you were cautioned on their behaviour, you treated them differently and they picked up on that.
They’re not hot/crazy/psycho. They’re intelligent and probably more intelligent than half the fuck wits who make them out to be crazy idiots.

Treat them calmly and with respect and the same amount of caution that you’d give to any other horse. If you’re nervous around any horse they’ll pick up on it.
To treat them like they’re “a different animal” is the worst advice I’ve ever heard in my life.
I’ve backed & broken in 2 Arabians over this summer and both of them were easier than a lot of “quiet” breeds that I’ve broken in. Because they’re so intelligent they understand what you want from them and learn so very quickly. Perhaps first consider what you’re doing wrong before making out a whole breed is “crazy” or “hot”?